The client is the most important in any business.

We provide complex support to your client via any communication channel.



  • choice of communication channels with clients (calls, chats, email, social media: forums, social nets);
  • KPI


  • setting up of inbound/outbound campaigns;
  • implementation of chats / setting up chat bots;
  • implementation of CRM for processing social networks;
  • recruiting and training of staff based on the specifics of the communication channel;
  • a unified approach to service in all channels of interaction with the client;
  • daily data collection and analytics for each communication channel.


  • reating a positive image of a customer oriented and technological company;
  • reduction in the cost of maintaining voice channels;
  • increase in the speed of communication with a client, expanse of communication channels, reach of a new audience;
  • the ability to quickly exchange of media information (files, videos, photos);
  • improvement the quality of service and increase customer loyalty.
  • 10%

    Increase in the number of requests by reaching a new audience


    Increase of a brand loyalty

  • 15%

    Reduction in the cost of maintaining voice channels

Communication Channels

  • Incoming Calls

  • Outgoing Calls

  • Chats

Shared Objective -
Common Result

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