A unique system of monitoring and managing the quality of team members' work

Quality management for high results achievement

Own development of the VOXYS communication center


The system is built on flexible algorithms that allow 

    • collecting data from operators' workplaces
    • analyzing the quality of their work by dozens of different indicators
    • performance tracking of each project task with automatic assessment, rating and reporting

Amongst the functions, there is a staff certification with automatic tasks’ assignment to controllers.


Both an employee of any level and a customer can work in the system

      • This ensures a high consistency of work and the elimination of any failures and helps to reach the project’s KPI
      • QMT allows automatizing the process of formation and calculation of performance indicator


Using a single e-form for data entry for each project:

        • no need to use an expensive office software due to the automated scorecard
        • no need for manual maintenance of the project list form by integrating the assessment form and uploading the personal data of the front office and the WFM’s  BEC project
        • no need for a manual collection of data from various sources thank to automated ratings reporting

the data becomes available to any user of the system

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