Facing the declining demand and falling revenue, the tourism business especially needs to retain customers, increase their loyalty, develop new services and strengthen competitive positions.

VOXYS experts will help you to successfully solve these problems.



    • Multichannel reception and processing of customer requests
    • Maintaining high standards of service and developing a client base
    • Increasing sales and managing customer loyalty
    • Back-office support
    • 20+ years VOXYS has been creating outsourcing solutions in the field of customer support and support for the tourism industry



          • Launching a multichannel outsourced communications center
          • Telemarketing to attract new customers and increase sales
          • Marketing research and analytics
          • Customer loyalty management and retention strategies with increasing the average spend


                  • Interaction with existing and potential customers in 24/7 mode by all the channels, from receiving the first request and booking a tour to service on time and after returning from a trip/span>
                  • Professional information and consulting support for travelers, including a telephone guide service, an online translator, a paid concierge service (calling a doctor, ordering food, informing about the weather, etc.)
                  • Collecting statistics on clients and other relevant topics, developing individual travel offers
                  • Effective redistribution of resources between different communication channels (calls, letters, instant messengers, chats)
                  • 24/7 service for B2B clients via all communication channels, with auto-alert in case of a call loss (a callback request is generated and processed by the operator in a few minutes)
                  • Dashboard for online monitoring of indicators, with a chatbot notifying the customer about them
                  • Dedicated number in the 8-800 code for calls in Russian Federation
                  • Transparent online reporting

                    INCREASING CLIENT BASE

                            • Identifying and using the most effective sales channels for travel products and services
                            • Implementing inbound and outbound telemarketing technologies to attract customers and increase sales

                              MARKETING RESEARCH & ANALYTICS

                                        • Tracking the dynamics of changes in consumer preferences and the market
                                        • Maintaining an up-to-date customer database
                                        • Data gathering through customer surveys to develop marketing campaigns and special offers

                                          CUSTOMER LOYALTY MANAGEMENT

                                                      • Expert and prompt consulting support for clients even in the most difficult situations abroad
                                                      • Analyzing and assessing customer satisfaction, identifying explicit and hidden claims
                                                      • Creating effective strategies for processing claims and proposals

                                                        REDUCING CUSTOMER CHUMP WITH INCREASED INCOME FROM EVERYONE

                                                        Customer churn monitoring, identifying causes and improving service efficiency

                                                        Effective win-back programs


                                                        SUPPORT FOR INTERNAL BUSINESS PROCESSES AND SERVICES


                                                        WE GUARANTEE TOTAL INFORMATION SECURITY AND PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION


                                                        TOP RUSSIAN TOURIST COMPANIES CHOOSE US

                                                                      • We take a flexible approach to resource management
                                                                      • 95% of our operators are universal in all skills, which allows us to effectively organize the process of receiving calls


                                                                        While working with touristic companies, we achieved:

                                                                                      • Increasing the number of MFO resources at the customer request: in the summer season, the Full-time equivalent (FTE) indicator increased by 30% per month

Communication Channels

  • Incoming Calls

  • Outgoing Calls

  • Chats

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