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In 2017, the founders raised funds from one of the biggest European Investment Fund CapMan to create a leader in the Russian outsourced contact center market by fusing the biggest market players:

  • BEEPER – adjoined in 2018. Company founded in 1997, which had 8% of the Russian market in 2018.

  • Comfortel– adjoined in 2018. Company founded in 2007 with 5% of the Russian outsourced contact center market.

  • TELECOMEXPRESS– came on board in 2019. One of the youngest companies in the M&A project of contact centers operating since 2010 with 8% of the Russian market.

  • Logicallwas acquired in 2020. For more than 10 years has been a market player specializing in working with the biggest banking and financial companies. It had 5% of the Russian market.

VOXYS is the №1 and the most reliable outsourced contact center and CX expert in Russia.

Company with 8000 employees and communication centers all over Russia, объединившая в себе лучшие практики и инструменты в области управления проектами во всех ключевых сегментах бизнеса и государственном секторе, стала №1 на рынке аутсорсинга контакт-центров в России.

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