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VOXYS was officially presented on 20th August of 2020. Nowadays VOXYS is the unchallenged leader in the Russian outsourced contact center market by fusing the biggest market players such as BEEPERComfortelTELECOMEXPRESS, and Logicall and incorporating their best features for the perfect CX expertise. 


20+ years of experience. We guarantee an individual approach and the best client support.

36 cities. We see it important to have a wide net and develop the economies of Russian regional centers.

Circa 1/3 of the Russian outsourced contact center market. The biggest Russian and international brands trust us. 

10000+ employees. We care about our team members and provide the best working conditions, and we’re always welcome to see new ones. Join our team!

- 6000+ operators dealing with 10 000 000+ multi-format interactions per day. We integrate into the partner team and work with challenges from within. 

- Developed by VOXYS, OmniVox hardware and software suite designed to provide efficient and automated client service within high loaded contact-centers IT-frameworks.

- The best experts in BPO, who are thoroughly engaged in the specifics of companies in main business areas: finances, retail, insurance, FMCG, logistics, real estate, manufacturing, medicine, e t.c.). Day by day they solve the unique clients’ tasks.

- Effective management of operational processes and impeccable quality control system.

- Reliable and responsible employer who invests in each member of team, our future leaders.

By having more than 20 years of experience and expertise VOXYS is capable to provide the clients with the one-stop service: 

- Launch of outsourced, turnkey omnichannel contact center, with respect to the specifics of the client’s business.

- Sales increase by implementing predictive analytics, contact strategies, and telemarketing technologies.

- Development and realization of processes, helping to hold clients, increase brand loyalty, and rebuys. 

- Data assessment of potential clients and customers’ behavior for building predictive models based on buying probability.

- Successful and mutually beneficial partnership with the biggest Russian companies and holdings. 

In our portfolio, we have more than 200 successfully completed unique projects of the market leaders including the biggest Russian and international corporations.

For the next 5 years our perspectives are:

- Geographic expansion: our offices in 50 Russian cities and in the international market.

- Increase in staff up to 20 000 team members.

- Rise the effectiveness of remote working system and operator training.

VOXYS has been developing and establishing leadership in the Russian outsourced contact center market, but our vision is way more! We strive to brand-new high-level client service and working conditions for everyone and develop the economics of regional centers and towns. 


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