Voice robots and robotic functionality

How can robots improve your business efficiency?

RPA robots perform rule-based functions just like a human can do. It is based on machine learning, neural technologies and unique concepts of building dialogues

Scaling and saving. RPAs can complete tasks 4-5 times faster than humans, increasing reach and reducing costs



Every day the client service of the Customer receives many requests related to incorrect order picking. The process completed by 40 employees needs to be optimized


The RPA robot accepts and processes requests, sorts them by type, and then runs its own algorithm for each. A human joins the process only in case of an exception or rejection. The robot is able to make decisions on its own


A large amount of repetitive manual work related to the selection and placement of monetary means and analytics


RPA Robot with Machine Learning (ML, Random Forest) plug-in installs DDS articles and analytics across all sources based on the database over the past few years

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