Our global mission is to build a strong customer service culture and therefore develop Russian business. We believe that within the market economy the main company’s benefit is the quality of customer service.


Develop the service

With 20 years of experience, expertise, and competencies of the integrated companies within VOXYS as well as our unique IT solutions, we reach a brand-new level of business communication with clients and partners. We integrate into the partner team and unstoppably work with challenges from within.

Make our team members' lives better

For us, people are our main value. And to better team members’ life and their working condition is our priority. We create hundreds of new working places, adapt the offices for our team’s needs, and invest in new leaders

Change the image of a specialist in customer experience

We fight with prejudices and believe that the contact center specialist is an interesting and worthy job.

  • • Build a friendly environment
  • • Solve nonstandard tasks
  • • Provide a transparent and official wage system
  • • Give great opportunities for professional and personal growth
  • • Give a perfect start for a successful career

VOXYS is a reliable and responsible employer. We see it important to invest in development of the programs of teaching and adaptation, creating the progress evaluation and rewards systems, a company culture, and providing the most comfortable working conditions for everyone.

Main values of VOXYS
Our mission is based on six main values:


    The trustable relationships within the team and with clients are built on trust and absolute mutual understanding


    We adapt to any situation and clients’ requirements


    We have a deep insight into the key business needs of our clients and the interests of our team members


    All our complicated technical solutions are transparent


    We apply our experience and expertise in every segment of the client’s business


    To develop we need to be open, accept our mistakes and work on them to be better and stronger

Shared Objective -
Common Result

For Partners

You can do it.
We will help.