We will reduce the accounts receivable of your clients by promptly informing them about the debt via omni-channel communication, including robotic services.



  • borrowers database;
  • information on the loan terms (amount, repayment schedule options, repayment methods).


  • timely informing the borrower about the need to make the next payment;
  • informing the borrower on the formed debt;
  • informing on possible sanctions from the bank (based on an agreement);
  • informing on methods of debt repayment
  • wide opportunities of the use of automated services (sms, e-mail letters, autoinformer).


  • prevention of delays in loan payments;
  • reduction of the duration of delays;к
  • reduction of clients' debts, as well as increasing their loyalty by raising awareness of the conditions and possibilities of debt repayment.

    Decrease in receivables


    Reduction in the cost of informing customers


    Increased customer loyalty

Communication Channels

  • Incoming Calls

  • Outgoing Calls

  • Chats

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Common Result

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