We reduce your back-office support costs without losing efficiency and increasing the total volume of contacts.

Using proven technologies to automate back-office work, we can help to improve communication between your front office/back office, reduce the total cost of implementing this program on our own, and improve the efficiency of back-office process management with solutions that complement existing processes.



  • information on your smart workflows;
  • data from back-office and front-end systems.


  • a single customizable interface for managing the workflow;
  • reduction of the total costs of the program, we carry out the technical integration;
  • reduction in the total volume of contacts.


  • back office outsourcing: process improvement, business efficiency increase;
  • reducing the number of human errors;
  • optimization of smart workflows, simplifying customer interactions, reducing the volume of contacts, improving business results; </li
  • identification of processes / directions requiring special attention, minimizing the risk of violation of regulatory requirements;
  • content moderation in order to protect your brand and keep customers.

Communication Channels

  • Incoming Calls

  • Outgoing Calls

  • Chats

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