VOXYS opened a training center in Rostov-on-Don

The VOXYS Communication Center, the leader of the Russian outsourcing contact center market, has opened a training center in Rostov-on-Don. The new site has become the first training center in the structure of the company; investments into the start-up amounted to 14.5 million rubles.

The task of the training center is developing, methodological and didactic support, testing and conducting corporate educational programs, trainings and master classes, personnel development programs necessary for outsourcing high-level business processes (BPO) in the field of customer service, recruiting, personnel management, and marketing. The design capacity of the training center is 300 students.

Another area of work of the new training center is the development of corporate e-learning programs (e-learning). In particular, piloting and implementing automated training systems using their own IT developments and products of external vendors: platforms for rapid formation of key skills, training to work in the IT environment; solutions based on chatbots for employee adaptation and cross-functional interactions; training programs based on speech analytics.

The training center will become the main training area for two VOXYS contact centers already operating in Rostov-on-Don and distance learning for employees of the company's contact centers in other regions.

"The programs developed in the new training center will be taught both in full-time at the new site in Rostov-on - Don, and in a remote format through the VOXYS Academy corporate online university, which will allow you to quickly train geographically distributed teams in all regions of the company's presence", says Anna Ovchinnikova, HR Director of the VOXYS communications center.

"The development of the BPO direction is a strategic goal of VOXYS. The creation of our own training center will increase the competitiveness of the company in the market of outsourcing of high-level business processes, involving close interaction between the customer and the outsourcer for the transfer of closed functional areas of the business", Yulia Molchanova, executive director of the VOXYS communications center, is sure.

Following the results of the first year of operation of the new training center, a decision will be made on the feasibility of scaling the project and the possible opening of new training centers in the regions where VOXYS operates.

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VOXYS is a high-tech communications center, the leader of the Russian market of outsourcing contact centers. VOXYS experts in business process outsourcing implement more than two hundred communication projects for the leading companies in the financial market, insurance, transport, logistics, retail, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing and public authorities. The company is represented in 30 cities of Russia, more than 8000 specialists work in 34 communication centers across the country. According to iKS-Consulting, VOXYS occupies 18.4% of the Russian communications market in the field of customer service (rating "The largest outsourcing contact centers in Russia", 2020) and is among the TOP 50 largest employers in Russia.

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