VOXYS Lab in Kaliningrad: new communication and IT R&D center with startup incubator

On July 22, Kaliningrad hosted the opening of VOXYS Lab - a new branch of VOXYS communications center. The event was attended by representatives of local authorities, business and the media, who were able to get acquainted with the VOXYS Lab IT laboratory, and network with the management and employees of the new communications center.

VOXYS Lab is a resident of the special economic zone (SEZ) in the Kaliningrad region. The IT projects development center was created at the beginning of 2021. The task of the VOXYS Lab IT laboratory is to adapt existing and develop new software solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, speech synthesis and recognition, and communication automation.

“I am sure that the services provided by VOXYS Lab will be in demand among the business of the Kaliningrad region and companies from other regions of Russia. For our region, this is the prospect of creating about 500 jobs, and given the specialization of the company, this is primarily work for young people”, said the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Alikhanov, noting that the new resident of the Kaliningrad SEZ can count on comprehensive assistance from the regional authorities.

On the basis of VOXYS Lab, the VOXYS IT business incubator operates, in the portfolio of which today there are more than a hundred projects focused on both the Russian and international markets. VOXYS invests at an early stage of development in startups that develop perspective IT products in the field of customer experience digitalization and automation, educational technologies, and recruiting.

According to Alexey Mosunov, VOXYS communications center director, the VOXYS Lab team is being actively formed. More than fifty specialists are already working at Kaliningrad office. “VOXYS Lab will become a point of attraction for qualified IT professionals, provide an opportunity for talented developers and start-up teams to implement ambitious projects in artificial intelligence and neural networks, big data, machine learning”, said Alexey Mosunov.

“We are moving towards the creation of voice robots and chat bots - software solutions that can take on customer service routine tasks of. So that the work of contact center consultants will become more focused on solving those issues that are beyond the power of artificial intelligence. We intend to promote the IT products developed by VOXYS Lab to European markets, for this we will actively cooperate with the Center for the Development of Entrepreneurship of the Kaliningrad Region”, said Yulia Molchanova, VOXYS Executive Director, speaking about VOXYS Lab plans.


Support for IT business: companies working in the field of information technology, scientific start-ups and engineering is one of the priorities of the economic block of the government of the Kaliningrad region. The benefits of the special economic zone stimulate the creation of new jobs in the region with a high level of wages. Over the past three and a half years, more than 170 investment projects have become residents of the Kaliningrad special economic zone, of which about 40 are companies working in the field of IT, research and development.

VOXYS is a high-tech communications center, the leader of the Russian outsourcing contact center

market. VOXYS business process outsourcing experts implement communication projects for leading companies in the financial market, insurance, transport, logistics, retail, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing and government bodies. The company is represented in 30 cities of Russia, more than 8,000 specialists work in 34 communication centers throughout the country. VOXYS occupies 18.4% of the Russian communications market in the field of customer service and is one of the TOP-50 biggest employers in Russia.

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